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What Will I Eat?: Quid Edam?
French fries and pancakes in a "Latin" beat!
Experts recommend that children start a foreign language as early as possible. With this book, a child can start learning Latin at age four. Latin is an excellent foreign language to select. Just ask any lawyer, doctor, scientist, or nurse.


Who Loves Me?: Quis me amat?

Family love and closeness in Latin, for kids.
Aided by original artwork and an English translation, children learn the Latin words for family members: mother, father, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt (father's brother and sister), uncle and aunt (mother's brother and sister), and cousins. The book begins with "This is a picture of me," and the child gets to draw his image or affix a photo. The original artwork is charming and creative. A complete vocabulary, with emphasis on derivatives, and pronunciation guide are provided; a recording of the text is also available.


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…in Latin!: Vere, Virginia, Sanctus Nicolaus est!

"Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?" On September 21, 1897, the minds and hearts of two people met and in that meeting created magic that has survived more than a century.


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