Plotinus on Beauty and Reality: A Reader for Enneads I.6 and V.1

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  • 978-0-86516-842-8
  • Bolchazy-Carducci

Plotinus on Beauty and Reality makes accessible to intermediate Greek students two treatises that describe the Neoplatonic cosmos of Plotinus. Enneads I.6 and V.1 treat the creation of the universe, the structure of the levels of reality, the place of the human soul in the universe, and how the soul can return to the One, its creator. The thorough introduction serves as a guide to Plotinus’s metaphysics and his reception.


Plotinus on Beauty and Reality: A Reader for Enneads I.6 and V.1 Teacher's Guide


Plutarch's Life of Pericles

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This excellent text features an extensive apparatus criticus and marginal notes that enhance the student's understanding of Plutarch's account of Pericles' life. The introduction concludes with a useful chronology of events in the time of Pericles and a valuable addendum dealing with textual matters. The book also includes a vocabulary and four indices.


Reading the Gospel of St Mark in Greek: A Beginning

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Reading the Gospel of St. Mark in Greek: A Beginning empowers students to read and appreciate the Gospel of Mark and biblical Greek as a whole. The introduction presents a summary description of the alphabet, pronunciation, accents, and grammar, making simple and brief comparisons between English and Greek. The main body of the book includes the Greek text, running vocabulary, and notes on each page. The format allows for rapid reading, comprehension, and retention. Each new word is repeated fifteen times in the running vocabulary. Any words not mastered after this can be found in the vocabulary list in the back. This text is inclusive and allows a reader to enjoy the Greek language and the Gospel of Mark without the need for a separate dictionary or grammar book.

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