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New Millennium. Proven Latin Program.
This popular Latin program, featuring the latest in scholarship and pedagogy, is designed with both high school and college students in mind. Written by world-renowned Latinists, Milena Minkova and Terence Tunberg, this program includes a special oral activity feature in each chapter and a bounty of aural/oral exercises in the Teacher's Manual.

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The Fusion Approach to Learning
These three volumes provide a fusion approach to Latin combining the best practices of the reading method, the traditional grammar approach, and a cumulative literary-rich vocabulary foundation that will ensure a smooth transition to upper-level literature courses.

To learn more about the "smart pedagogy" and methodology of the Latin for the New Millenniumprogram, check out this 32-page comprehensive overview.

Introductory Latin Adopted at All Levels
Thousands of students are already learning first-, second-, and third-year Latin with LNM at the middle school, junior high, high school, and university levels, as well as at home.
  • Fusion of learning through the integration of grammar and reading methods
  • Most comprehensive survey of Latin literature in a beginning program
  • Latin readings harvest a rich 2,500 year tradition of intellectual history
  • Culture and history seamlessly interwoven with authenic Latin readings
  • Conversational Latin exercises presenting everyday expressions
  • Essays by university scholars connect ancient and modern worlds

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Student Friendly Features

Study Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple Answers to Complex Questions
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Why Post-Antique Latin: An Essay

How Should We Teach the full legacy of Latin Literature?
Latin teaching in the new millennium should take full account of the fact that Latin literature is a phenomenon spanning the millennia.
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Milena Minkova, Terence Tunberg, and a Cadre of Latin Teachers
It took a legion of authors, pilot teachers, consultants, and editors to create this groundbreaking series. Meet the people behind LNM.
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