Latin Everywhere, Everyday: A Latin Phrase Workbook Teacher's Manual with audio

Paperback iv+164

This teacher's manual to Latin Everywhere, Everyday contains the answers to all the exercises in the student workbook along with additional exercises and answers for those who have studied Latin. Some additional games and projects are also included in the teacher's manual and the audio download offers a Latin pronunciation of each phrase, motto, and abbreviation.

Special Features

  • answers to all exercises from the student workbook
  • quizzes to assess students' learning of the phrases, mottoes, and abbreviations
  • exercises for students who have studied Latin and answers to these exercises
  • additional games, and projects
  • Audio download that offers a clear pronunciation in Latin of every phrase, motto, and abbreviation in the student workbook
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Download the audio content to accompany all the phases, mottoes, and abbreviations. The pronounciation is in Classical Latin. The Latin Everywhere, Everyday audio is in a zipped folder, download the file and unzip (extract) the mp3 files. Click here for the download.