Princess, Priestess, Mother, Wolf Fabula de Romulo et Remo

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Encounter a retelling of Rome’s foundation legend unlike any other—entirely in Latin!

A mysterious seer wields great power because she knows the will of the gods. Will her predictions about a great new city come true? A young woman finds herself at the mercy of her cruel uncle, who desires kingship at any cost. How will she navigate her new roles, first as a priestess, then as a mother in grave danger? A wolf finds two babies by a river and lovingly nurtures them, until two humble foster parents take in the twins. As the boys grow, it becomes clear that there is something unusual about them: they are destined for great things. But a rivalry between the brothers threatens their bond and comes to a head when they both seek the favor of the gods—through augury. This novella is the third in a series that explores birds and divination within ancient Roman culture.

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