From Rome to Reformation: Early European History for the New Millennium

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Rose Williams skillfully leads the reader through the maze of power plays and the gradual rise of sovereign states that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire. Readers will appreciate Williams' engaging style and her ability to synthesize succinctly this busy period of history. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between literature and the era in which it was produced, From Rome to Reformation: Early European History for the New Millennium provides a comprehensive overview of the interconnecting historical events, literary figures, and intellectual developments in European history and its Latin literature. This is a perfect companion text for courses in the humanities, western civilization, and Latin.

From Rome to Reformation


p. vii 27 BCE 180 CE = 27 BCE 192 CE
p. 45 Royal College of Physicians Linacre = Linacre Royal college of Physicians
p. 82 under heresy, othodox = orthodox
p. 85 27 BCE; 180 CE = 27 BCE; 192 CE

two hundred-year = two-hundred-year

p. 87 under War of the Roses, noble = number

Special Features

  • Overview of the history of ideas developed in western civilization
  • Assessment of the critical events in early European history
  • Presentation of the key historical and literary figures of early Europe
  • Timeline of European history from the fifth century to the eighteenth
  • Notes section for Latin and other special terms employed in the text
  • Illustrations enhance the text
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