By authors: Milena Minkova, Terence Tunberg
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Latin for the New Millennium is a complete introductory course in the Latin language that has been successfully implemented at middle schools, junior highs, high schools, colleges, and universities. Levels 1 and 2 student texts are accompanied by a teacher’s manual and a workbook with its teacher’s manual. Optional enrichment texts present related mythology and history for each level.

LNM employs a fusion of the reading approach and the traditional grammar/translation method. Lessons on Latin morphology, grammar, and syntax flow from and employ examples from the Latin readings that are adapted from Roman and post-antique Latin writers. Such readings provide students a literary-rich vocabulary. Ample exercises build students’ facility with reading and writing Latin. A Talking section in each chapter provides contemporary Latin and lends itself to practicing oral Latin while the Teacher's Manuals feature a bounty of aural-oral activities and exercises.

To learn more about the “smart pedagogy” and methodology of the Latin for the New Millennium program, check out this 32-page comprehensive overview.

The Latin for the New Millennium website contains a variety of materials and resources for your exploration as you consider adopting the program.

For an overview of the changes and new material in LNM.

The Second Edition includes 85 pages of notes for the English derivatives for the Vocabulary to Learn of each chapter as well as answers to the additional eight new exercises and, at the request of teachers using Latin for the New Millennium, translations for the Talking sections. The Second Edition also includes corrections and minor changes to macrons and illustration notes. For a list of changes by chapter in the Teacher's Manual, click here.

Special Features

  • variety of aural/oral activities and exercises including dictations
  • step-by-step instructions for teachers that facilitate implementation of aural/oral activities
  • translations for all the Latin readings and the Talking sections
  • answers to all exercises
  • Teaching Tips that suggest additional classroom activities and insights into presenting a concept
  • comprehension questions and answers for culture essays
  • Teacher by the Ways that give additional background information for cultural, historical, and literary topics
  • Derivative sections that provide etymologies and word histories for teacher’s use in lecture


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