Caesar & Vergil AP* Vocabulary Cards

Flash Cards

All vocabulary appearing five or more times in Vergil and Caesar AP* selections is included in these 501 cards. Cards come on high quality precut card stock. Prepunched holes and a ring make these study aids easy to take anywhere.

Front of Vocabulary Card

Back of Vocabulary Card

Special Features

Front of Card

  • Dictionary form
  • Corners (clockwise)
    • author to which the card applies (Caesar, Vergil, or Caesar/Vergil for words that appear in both authors 15+ times)
    • number of occurrences in the author (15+, 9–14, 5–8)
    • line number of the first occurrence of the word
    • page number of the first occurrence of the word in the relevant Bolchazy-Carducci AP* book (Boyd/Mueller)

Back of Card

  • Definition
  • Cognates
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