Vergil: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader

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Aeneid, Books I, II, and IV, designed for students moving from elementary or intermediate Latin into reading the authentic Latin of Vergil. Passages are accompanied by pre-reading materials, grammatical exercises, complete vocabulary, notes designed for reading comprehension, and other reading aids. Introductory materials and illustrations are included.

Special Features

  • pre-reading materials for each passage of Latin, designed to help the student understand the underlying cultural and literary concepts in the Latin passage
  • short explanations related to the grammatical and syntactical usages that will be found in the passage, accompanied by exercises
  • the first version of the Latin text with gapped words in parentheses and difficult noun-adjective pairings highlighted by the use of a different font
  • complete vocabulary and grammatical notes on the page facing the Latin passage
  • any vocabulary word found in the passage but not in the notes is found in the pull-out vocabulary at the back of the book
  • the second version of the Latin text in its unchanged form
  • literary notes on the page facing the unchanged Latin text
  • post-reading materials for each passage designed to help the student understand Vergil's style of writing and to allow the student to reflect upon what has been read
  • the last four Latin passages do not contain any of the transitional aides such as gapped words or the use of fonts
  • notes on grammar, vocabulary, and literary analysis continue to be on the page facing the passage

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