Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader


The innovative LEGAMUS Transitional Readers have been adopted across the country as a proven bridge from the initial study of Latin via basal textbooks to the reading of authentic author texts.

Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader serves as a comprehensive introduction to Julius Caesar and his writings and an ideal component for a Pre-AP* Vertical Teams curriculum. Students using this text in third year Latin will be well prepared for an AP* course—comfortable with Caesar’s style and vocabulary having read Latin from both of his Commentarii and familiar with the range of Caesar’s accomplishments. Only the first selection from De Bello Gallico overlaps with the AP* syllabus required selections.

The Caesar LEGAMUS includes the following Latin selections:

  • Caesar’s Character—Sallust: Bellum Catilinae 54
  • Caesar as General—De Bello Gallico 1.1:1; 2.15:5-12; 2.20:1-9; 2.22:1-5; 2.24:1-12; 2.25:1-14; 2.27:1-10; 2.35
  • Caesar as Cultural Reporter—De Bello Gallico 6.13:4-7; 6.14:1-4; 6.19:1-3; 6.20:1-3 (“On the Gauls”); 6.21-24 (“On the Germans”)
  • Caesar against the Senate—De Bello Civili 1.1-2, 7; 3.71-72; 3.87; 3.95-96
  • Caesar’s Assassination—Valerius Maximus: Facta et Dicta Memorabilia 4.5.6

    pp. vii, xv, 5, 9, 10: 1.1–7 = 1.1

    Special Features

    The Caesar LEGAMUS reader provides students comprehensive support including:

    • Adapted and unadapted Latin passages
    • Facing-page vocabulary and notes
    • Visual aids that help student see linguistic patterns
    • Grammar reviews with exercises
    • Background essay on Caesar and the historical context
    • Illustrations and maps
    • Grammatical appendix
    • Figures of Speech appendix
    • Pull-out high frequency vocabulary list
    • Latin to English glossary
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