By author: Emma Vanderpool
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Encounter stories of ancient Greek and Roman augurs, special seers who interpreted bird signs—entirely in Latin!

Marcus, a young Roman boy, has been struggling to show his father Titus that he is simply not cut out for life as an augur. Why can’t he seek adventure and glory as a soldier? Titus, in turn, can’t quite get Marcus to understand the importance of augury, especially its role in keeping Roman soldiers safe. Titus has seen the dangers of war firsthand and fears for his son’s future. By telling Marcus stories of legendary Greek and Roman augurs, Titus hopes to convey some tough truths about military life—and why divining the gods’ will is essential. Along the way, he also reveals how augury has been woven into the fabric of Rome’s very existence.

Using fewer than two-hundred unique Latin words, this Encounter Latin novella further develops themes and topics introduced in Augury Is for the Birds. Evocative illustrations and a variety of text supports make the story readily comprehensible to novice learners. An introduction by Dr. Robert Patrick, drawing on his decades of experience teaching Latin, explains the pedagogical underpinnings of the text and describes how novellas can be used to further language acquisition.

Special Features

  • Original artwork
  • Introduction describing ways to use novellas in the Latin classroom
  • A Latin-to-English glossary listing all inflected forms used in the text along with standard dictionary entries
  • An overview of repeated grammar structures with examples


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