New Testament Greek Workbook

  • By author: Sally Teague
  • Product Code: 8679
  • ISBN: 978-0-86516-867-1
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The Student Workbook supplements the New Testament Greek: A Reading Course textbook with additional exercises and short readings. Presented in a variety of formats, this extra practice encourages learners to further hone language skills.


  • About three–six activities per chapter reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and syntax presented in the student textbook.
  • Regular derivative work empowers learners to make connections between English and Greek vocabulary..
  • Translation exercises from English to Greek and Greek to English improve learners’ facility with Greek. Different formats for these exercises provide varying levels of difficulty..
  • Analyzing Scripture diagramming tasks correspond to biblical Greek selections included in the student textbook. These drills offer a systematic approach to understanding the grammatical structure of authentic Greek readings.

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