New Testament Greek, TM

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In this teacher’s manual to accompany the student text for New Testament Greek: A Reading Course, Level 1, author Sally Teague provides expert guidance and helpful commentary alongside an answer key to chapter exercises. In her introduction, Teague establishes the philosophy underpinning the course, explaining how instructors and self-learners can best make use of the textbook series in a variety of educational environments. The teacher’s manual layout parallels the format of the student text, with authorial asides offering up words of wisdom, pointing out tricky topics, and suggesting classroom activities and assessments. Also included is a complete set of reproducible unit tests, as well as corresponding answer keys.


  • “To the Instructor”: an introduction explaining the guiding principles of the textbook series
  • A complete answer key to all chapter exercises in the student text for , Level 1
  • Reproducible unit tests for all twelve units in the student text; most units feature three tests: a vocabulary test, a grammar test, and a translation test
  • A set of answer keys corresponding to the unit tests

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