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Early American Latin Verse

During their first two centuries of colonial life, Americans produced a large and fascinating body of original Latin poetry. The poets included in this anthology are important in that they represent the continuity and vitality of the tradition of the study of Latin in the West as a major educational and cultural force. The book includes Latin text and notes.


Ego sum rex Romanus et supra grammaticam: I am a Roman king and above grammar

Pisanello's portrait of Sigismund of Luxemburg, now in Vienna, is placed behind a quote, possibly from the king himself.


Errare est humanum.: To err is human

Eraser shavings serve as a nice addendum to this quote.


Experientia docet: Experience teaches

A weathered column stands behind this line from Tacitus.


Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource
A collection of resources, activities, and reproducible worksheets that provides both new and veteran teachers with a variety of opportunities to make instruction and practice in Latin lively and memorable.

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