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Cumulative Chapter Vocabulary Lists for Wheelock's Latin: Second Edition

This book contains 40 cumulative vocabulary lists corresponding to the 40 chapters of Wheelock's Latin (7th Edition) that can be used as a handy resource for student study and review, and as a convenient reference tool for teachers preparing quizzes and composing Latin sentences for translation on tests and in class.


Da mihi castitatem et continentiam, sed noli modo: Grant me chastity and self-control but not yet

Bottivelli's painting, St. Augustine in His Study, located in Uffizi, Florence, is paired with this quote from Augustine.


Dabit deus his quoque finem: God will also give an end to these things

This quote from Vergil's Aeneid looms over these Pompeiian remains, much like Mount Vesuvius in the background.


Damnant quod non intellegunt: They condemn what they do not understand

Together this quote and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina nod to the Library of Alexandria, lost in antiquity.


Early American Latin Verse

During their first two centuries of colonial life, Americans produced a large and fascinating body of original Latin poetry. The poets included in this anthology are important in that they represent the continuity and vitality of the tradition of the study of Latin in the West as a major educational and cultural force. The book includes Latin text and notes.


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