By author: Daniel Harris-McCoy   By composer: Brendon Oshita
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Engage your student in learning Greek grammar through aural, oral, visual, and kinetic learning. Grammar set to catchy electronic music makes Greek, like a favorite song, stick in the student's head. Listen to the tracks, read along on the lyrics sheet, sing the lyrics yourself with the karaoke tracks, and, if the music moves you, dance to the beat of declensions and conjugations! Available as individual tracks or download all twenty-one at a reduced price. The "karaoke" version, available for purchase separately, contains the music from all twenty-one tracks without the lyrics. Make sure to create an account before purchasing to be able to access downloads for multiple devices.


The complete Greek Beats product contains all lyric tracks and the lyrics sheet. (This product is packaged in a zipped folder which will need to be extracted before installing/playing the individual mp3 files.)


FREE Download Track 1: Declension of ο-Stem Nouns


Lyric tracks contain: (download the Lyric sheet pdf for complete information about each track)
1. Declension of ο-Stem Nouns
2. ω-Verbs: Present Indicative Active
3. Declension of α-Stem Nouns
4. ω-Verbs: Imperfect and Future Active Indicative
5. First and Second Aorist Indicative Active
6. The Definite Article, Relative Pronoun
7. Demonstrative Pronouns ουτος, οδε, and εκεινος
8. ειμι: Present, Imperfect, Future
9. Consonant-Declension Nouns
10. Present and Imperfect Middle Verbs
11. First and Second Aorist Middle Verbs
12. Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns
13. Present Optative: Active and Middle-Passive
14. Perfect and Pluperfect Active
15. First Aorist Passive Indicative and Optative
16. Numerals
17. ιστημι: Present Active and Middle-Passive Indicative
18. τιθημι and ιημι: Present Active and Middle-Passive
19. διδωμι: Present Active and Middle-Passive; ειμι: Present Active
20. Summary of Participle Forms
21. Summary of Infinitive Forms

Select the "Digital Content" tab for Greek Beats correlations to Hansen and Quinn and Crosby and Schaeffer


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Greek Beats Correlations to two popular Greek textbooks, use these links to download the correlations.

Crosby and Schaeffer

Hansen and Quinn

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