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A Roman Map Workbook: 2nd Edition - TG

A teacher's guide for A Roman Map Workbook 2nd Edition.

A Roman Map Workbook meets the needs of today’s students and introduces them to the geography of Rome and the Roman world. Veteran high school and college Latin teacher Elizabeth Heimbach provides students, especially those studying Latin, with a thorough grounding in the geography of the Roman world. The workbook walks students through each map, discussing the importance of each place-name, making connections to Roman history and literature. The carefully chosen maps complement subjects and periods covered in the Latin and ancient history classroom.


Caesar's Blood: Greek Tragedy in Roman Life

This history based on events recorded by ancient historians Sallust, Tacitus, Cassius Dio, Suetonius, and others, reads like a novel. It explores the reigns of the Roman emperors Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. The demands of heredity loomed large in their lives. Those who sprang from greatness must be great themselves, whether or not they had either the ability or the desire to be so. This book presents the challenges and dilemmas of the Caesars and their contemporaries in narrative form with interpolations of dialogue as the ancient writers did, taking the known facts and interpreting the characters through them, giving real people the motivations they may have had. This book provides readers a new thought-provoking look at one of the most fascinating families in history and one whose profound effect upon the world still touches us today.


Cicero the Patriot

Light-hearted in tone but faithful to the facts, this readable volume interweaves the story of Cicero's private life and feelings with the development of his public life and his literary output. Details and commentary on Cicero's speeches, letters, and philosophical writings highlight the events in his world which served as background for some of the most poignant, as well as the most dramatic, writing ever done in Latin. Williams shows the human side of the renowned orator and thereby allows the reader to savor Cicero's dreams, disappointments, and pursuits.


Cicero the Patriot: Teacher's Manual

The teacher's manual to Cicero the Patriot is an indispensable, time-saving tool for busy teachers. A veteran teacher herself, Williams includes what teachers need. The teacher's manual is reproducible.


From Rome to Reformation: Early European History for the New Millennium

Rose Williams skillfully leads the reader through the maze of power plays and the gradual rise of sovereign states that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire. Readers will appreciate Williams' engaging style and her ability to synthesize succinctly this busy period of history. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between literature and the era in which it was produced, From Rome to Reformation: Early European History for the New Millennium provides a comprehensive overview of the interconnecting historical events, literary figures, and intellectual developments in European history and its Latin literature. This is a perfect companion text for courses in the humanities, western civilization, and Latin.


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