Roman Map Workbook, 2nd Ed

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A Roman Map Workbook meets the needs of today’s students and introduces them to the geography of Rome and the Roman world. Veteran high school and college Latin teacher Elizabeth Heimbach provides students, especially those studying Latin, with a thorough grounding in the geography of the Roman world. The workbook walks students through each map, discussing the importance of each place-name, making connections to Roman history and literature. The carefully chosen maps complement subjects and periods covered in the Latin and ancient history classroom.


The Second Edition includes minor changes to the Roman World, Conquest of Italy, Punic Wars, and Pompeii maps. This edition also includes a copy of the Pompeii city plan without building names. The Roman Forum plan has been significantly expanded to include the Arch of Titus and buildings in its vicinity. The map of the Roman Empire under Trajan includes both the boundaries and names of the Roman provinces. Additions have made to some exercises, especially those accompanying the Roman Forum and the Roman Empire under Trajan.


Special Features

  • Italy, Roman World (2), Roman Roads (2): Italy, Roman Empire, Rome: Seven Hills Schematic, Rome: Districts and Landmarks, Rome: Forum Romanum, Bay of Naples, City of Pompeii, Roman History (3): Conquest of Italy, Punic Wars, Roman Empire under Trajan, Greece, Athens, Gaul, Roman Britain, “Journey of Odysseus,” “Journey of Aeneas,” Ancient Latin Writers, Later Latin Writers
  • Narrative explication for each map, noting the historical and literary significance of place-names
  • Map-based activities and exercises, including work with blank maps
  • Three sets of certamen questions
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As mentioned in the Welcome Back to Latin blog post, you are welcome to use this list (Section VI), blank map, and completed map of Italy for a quick activity with your students. (download PDF of pages)

Correlation of A Roman Map Workbook with Latin for the New Millennium, Levels 1 and 2.