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Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader

Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader serves as a comprehensive introduction to Julius Caesar and his writings and an ideal component for a Pre-AP* Vertical Teams curriculum. Students using this text in third year Latin will be well prepared for an AP* course—comfortable with Caesar’s style and vocabulary having read Latin from both of his Commentarii and familiar with the range of Caesar’s accomplishments. Only the first selection from De Bello Gallico overlaps with the AP* syllabus required selections.



Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader Teacher’s Guide assists teachers as they introduce their students to Caesar’s prose style through Latin selections from De Bello Gallico and De Bello Civili. The Teacher’s Guide is a must have resource that makes teaching Caesar more manageable for teachers.


Catullus : Expanded Edition: Teacher's Guide
Catullus: Expanded Edition, merges the Latin poems from both earlier versions into one volume and containing all the poems on the current AP* Catullus syllabus.

Catullus: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader

This reader contains selections from Catullus, designed for students moving from elementary or intermediate Latin into reading the authentic Latin of Catullus. Passages are accompanied by pre-reading materials, grammatical exercises, complete vocabulary, notes designed for reading comprehension, and other reading aids. Introductory materials (including a section on Catullan meters) and illustrations are included.


Catullus: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader: Teacher's Guide for AP*

All directions, questions, and exercises are reprinted from the student text and then followed by the answers in the Teacher's Guide.


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