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Latin Readings: An Intermediate Rapid Reader
Designed to be read rapidly without the intensive work necessary in a regular text, this intermediate reader offers a wealth of material from 18 centuries of Latin literature, with selections arranged under headings that explore universal human values.

Latina Mythica

An intermediate Latin reader with high-interest stories from Greek and Roman mythology, complete with grammatical/vocabulary help that boosts reading speed and reader confidence. The level of difficulty is graduated, with earlier stories being easier than those that come later. All stories are patterned after ancient authors: a perfect way to ease into advanced and author reading courses.


Latina Mythica II Troia Capta

Take a trip into the myths and battles of the Trojan War. Dress in drag or pretend madness to avoid the fight; join the aristeia of Diomedes; follow Odysseus as he steals the Palladium; and more. This book offers students the opportunity to enjoy not only the story of the Iliad but the myths before and after in the Trojan Cycle— all in Latin epic style. Latina Mythica II: Troia Capta has twenty chapters. The first two chapters cover mythical material that occurs well before the action of the Iliad. Then, after including much of the action of the Iliad itself, the book concludes with two chapters telling the stories beyond the epic to give a more complete sense of the myth of Troy. It is designed for students who have completed the study of Latin grammar, usually one year of college or two to three years of high school. Facing-page grammatical/vocabulary notes boost reading speed and reader confidence.


Lectiones de Historia Romana

These short chronological readings on events that shaped the Roman world (birth and growth of Rome, wars, age of emperors, decline of empire) are designed for all students of Latin, from entry level on. Grammar and vocabulary gradually increase in the lessons, which contain vocabulary notes, a pertinent motto, and easy questions in Latin. The last third of the book contains no new grammar, to build student confidence. A complete vocabulary appears at the end.


Looking at Latin: A Grammar for Pre-College

Looking at Latin is a complete illustrated grammar reference book for all levels of pre-college Latin, from middle school through high school.


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