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Due to the format of A Notebook for Caesar's De Bello Gallico and A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid, exam copies are not available. For your review, we are providing PDFs of the front matter as this contains directives for how to use the notebooks and samples of student work using this method and of Book 1 for each author. These are not intended for copying, duplication, or distribution. We are pleased to be offering these titles at a student-friendly price individually or with savings when bundled together.

A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid front matter (download PDF)

A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid Book 1 (download PDF)

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Buy the discounted bundle A Notebook for Caesar's De Bello Gallico and A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid.


A Notebook for Vergil’s Aeneid provides students with a system for processing their homework and preparing their Latin assignment for in-class presentation. The complete Latin text for the AP® Latin Exam is triple-spaced to allow plenty of room for annotations. Below the Latin passage, students copy from their textbooks all the Latin vocabulary that they do not know. This changes the process of vocabulary building from one of passive recognition to active recall by creating personalized vocabulary lists for study. The facing page provides two blank lines keyed to the Latin text: one for the students’ home translations and one for corrections students note as the class shares translations. The second line allows students to make adjustments without erasing their mistakes. Doing so encourages students to become reflective learners who analyze and learn from their errors. The section below the translation, entitled “Additional Notes,” keeps class notes together with the Latin passage. At the end of each set of Latin passages from the individual books of the Aeneid, students keep track of and review the major plot points for what they have read in Latin. Students also construct summaries of the English readings required by the AP® Latin Curriculum on pages so designated.


A Notebook for Vergil’s Aeneid helps students keep themselves organized and becomes the only text they have to carry back and forth with them to class, as they can keep their heavier textbooks at home. All the notes a student needs to take for Latin class are kept in the notebook alongside the Latin text itself. This format encourages students to take the lead in their preparation for class, since the only resources they have are what they put into their own books. It also provides them with a structure for how to take notes in class, which serves as a valuable model for college.


Special Features

  • Introduction addressed to teachers about how to use the book to structure student assignments
  • Introduction addressed to students about how to use the book to keep track of their translations and build their vocabulary
  • Samples of student work modeling how the layout is designed to work
  • Fourteen black and white illustrations; one map
  • Complete text of the selections from Vergil’s Aeneid, required for the AP® Latin Exam, presented as follows:
    • Left-hand page: text triple-spaced, with lines below the Latin for vocabulary notes
    • Right-hand page: lines for writing out the translation (two lines for each line of Latin: one for students’ translation produced at home, second for corrections made in class), a section below for additional class notes
    • Plot review and summary pages for Latin selections at end of each book
    • Pages designated for student summaries of the English passages required for the AP® Latin Exam


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