What Will I Eat?: Quid Edam?


French fries and pancakes in a "Latin" beat!
Experts recommend that children start a foreign language as early as possible. With this book, a child can start learning Latin at age four. Latin is an excellent foreign language to select. Just ask any lawyer, doctor, scientist, or nurse.

Aided by original artwork and an English translation, children learn the Latin words for their favorite foods: pizza, chicken fingers, hot dogs, fish sticks. The original artwork is charming and creative. A complete vocabulary and pronunciation guide are provided.


Special Features

  • Latin book for primary-age children: a rarity!
  • Carefully researched Latin
  • Latin text available on CD and as a download from the Bolchazy-Carducci website
  • Pronunciation guide and vocabulary with emphasis on derivatives
  • English translation
  • Indicies
  • Charming original line drawings
  • Special notes on the value of Latin and on Latin word endings
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