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Encounter ancient Roman comedy—entirely in Latin!

Titus, named after Roman playwright Titus Maccius Plautus, lives with his parents and sisters on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Without much time for leisure, everyone in the family looks forward to festival days. Titus in particular eagerly awaits the ludi scaenici, special celebrations when plays are performed. But when it’s time to honor Magna Mater, the Great Mother goddess, with a comedy, Titus wakes up late! Can he catch up with his father and sisters and find a seat in time to watch the show?

Join Titus as he rushes through Rome in hopes of enjoying his favorite stock characters in a production of Plautus’s Asinaria.

Using fewer than 150 unique Latin words, this Encounter Latin novella introduces various topics related to Roman daily life, ancient religious celebrations, and the theater. Evocative illustrations and a variety of text supports make the story readily comprehensible to novice learners. An introduction by Dr. Robert Patrick, drawing on his decades of experience teaching Latin, explains the pedagogical underpinnings of the text and describes how novellas can be used to further language acquisition.

Special Features

  • Original artwork
  • Introduction describing ways to use novellas in the Latin classroom
  • A Latin-to-English glossary listing all inflected forms used in the text along with standard dictionary entries
  • An overview of repeated grammar structures with examples


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