Vocabulary Cards and Grammatical Forms Summary for Wheelock's: 2nd edition


This indispensable study aid contains nearly 900 cards, arranged chapter-by-chapter to accompany all forty chapters of Wheelock's Latin (7th edition), each with full, unabbreviated Latin vocabulary entry, chapter number, and card number on one side, and English meanings and derivatives or cognates on the reverse side.

These cards are for use with Wheelock's Latin, by Frederic M. Wheelock and Richard A. LaFleur, published by HarperCollins and available through your local bookstore or at www.harpercollins.com; "Wheelock's" is a trademark of Martha Wheelock and Deborah Wheelock-Taylor.

Special Features

  • two easily assembled storage boxes for cards
  • an alphabetical list of all words with their card numbers
  • suggestions on vocabulary study and use of the cards
  • a handy Summary of Forms for grammar reference and review

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