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Latin Synonyms for Language Lovers : A Select Thesaurus

Latin Synonyms for Language Lovers is an invaluable resource for those wanting to encourage students to engage with Latin as a living language by speaking, listening, and composing in Latin. Containing listings of synonyms grouped by English definitions and parts of speech (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions), each entry offers multiple Latin vocabulary options with their own specific definitions to allow students to select the best word and to differentiate between similar words.


New Latin Composition

First published in 1912, Bennett's New Latin Composition remains a highly regarded, widely used composition text for both high schools and colleges. Part I is based on the works of Caesar with illustrative samples drawn directly from his own words. Parts II and III concentrate on Cicero.



Buy the two notebooks and save!

Purchase both A Notebook for Caesar's De Bello Gallico and A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid as a bundle at the discounted price. (NOTE: A Notebook for Caesar's De Bello Gallico is available, A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid is exprected to be available on September 4th. If you order this bundle the books will be shipped when A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid is available.)


Parsed Vergil: Completely Scanned-Parsed Vergil's Aeneid Book I with Interlinear and Marginal Translations

Completely Scanned-Parsed Vergil is an irreplaceable, primary resource for educators teaching or reading Book I of the Aeneid. The complete text of Aeneid, Book I, an interlinear translation, complete metrical scansion, and an accompanying, more polished translation are just part of this goldmine. At the bottom of each page below the text, each Latin word is completely parsed and the commentary includes useful references to the revised grammars of Bennett, Gildersleeve, Allen and Greenough, and Harkness and delves into word derivations and word frequencies, making this volume helpful for the competent reader of Latin as well as the novice.


Smith's English-Latin Dictionary

Smith's English-Latin Dictionary is an invaluable resource for students and teachers who are composing Latin verse and prose. It offers what smaller and less comprehensive dictionaries cannot — semantic range, depth, and precision. Each entry is composed of an English word, its corresponding Latin equivalents, and examples drawn from a full range of classical writers. The Index of Proper Names contains the Latin forms of names of thousands of persons, places, and geographical features from Greco-Roman history and mythology, as well as the Judeo-Christian Bible.


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