Performing Cicero's Pro Archia - DVD

  • Readings and Performance: Jon Hall
  • Product Code: 7079
  • ISBN: 978-0-86516-707-0
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This DVD presents a complete performance in Latin of Pro Archia Poeta, Cicero's defense of the Greek poet Archia and of humanistic education in general.

Designed specifically as a teaching aid for high school and university Latin classes.

Special Features

  • Full Latin text of Cicero’s Pro Archia, performed by Dr. Jon Hall
  • Optional Latin subtitles keyed to the performance of the speech
  • English commentary on the speech by Dr. Jon Hall
  • Options for playing the complete performance or individual sections of the speech
  • Booklet with tips on how to use the DVD, note on pronunciation used, and select bibliography for further reading
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Recreates Ciceronian oratorical delivery using information from Roman era historical handbooks.