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Latin Picture Dictionary for Everyone Teacher's Guide

This text provides busy teachers with resources to facilitate the incorporation of active Latin in their classrooms.


Latin Proverbs: Wisdom from Ancient to Modern Times

For the coffee table or the reference shelf: a large collection of sayings in Latin.

A collection of 1,188 quotations in Latin and translated into English. Approximately 100 authors, ancient to contemporary, are represented, as well as quotations from the Bible, state and institutional mottoes, and legal phrases.


Learn through sufffering - Greek

This image of Laocoon from the Pio Clementino Museum at the Vatican is fitting behind this Aeschylus quote.


Make haste slowly - Greek

The image of this mosaic from the House of the Trident in Delos has, since antiquity, illustrated this oxymoronic adage.


Mendax: A Latin Card Game
Mendax! or Liar! in English is an engaging Latin card game that teaches students how to conjugate and translate Latin verbs fluently in the present active tense in all four conjugations

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