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I am Reading Latin Stories: Set of Four Books

Set of four new Latin books for children aged 4-8 by author and emerita Latin teacher Rose Williams:

  • Ursus et Porcus — Bear meets pig in this forest fable of how to get along.
  • Taurus Rex — The barnyard bully learns a valuable lesson on the value of friendship.
  • Rena Rhinocerus — A baby rhinoceros knows there's a bump on his nose: a story about growing up.
  • Octavus Octopus — Young Octavus discovers what's right about where he lives.


I have fought the good fight - Greek

This Valentin de Boulogne painting, Saint Paul Writing His Epistles, from Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, is paired with a line from St. Paul.


Ipsa scientia potestas est.: Knowledge itself is power

An open book lies behind this quote, possibly from Sir Francis Bacon.


Know thyself - Greek

This quote from Thales is paired with an image of the remains of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.



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