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Errare est humanum.: To err is human

Eraser shavings serve as a nice addendum to this quote.


Experientia docet: Experience teaches

A weathered column stands behind this line from Tacitus.


Felicitas multos habet amicos: Prosperity has many friends

Hans Holbein's portrait of Erasmus, at the Louvre Museum, provides a background for this Erasmus quote.


Find Them: Latina Verba Mixta for Wheelock's Latin

Vocabulary acquisition and retention often seems like the greatest hurdle for a language learner. Practice vocabulary from each chapter's vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, and readings with these 40 simple, fun puzzles. Find Them: Latina Verba Mixta for Wheelock's Latin is an entertaining way for students to engage with Latin vocabulary.


Follow Your Fates Series: Wrath of Achilles, Journey of Odysseus, and Exile of Aeneas

Ed DeHoratius' three dramatic action adventures let YOU experience firsthand the wrenching decisions of the ancient Mediterranean world's most illustrious heroes.


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