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Ego sum rex Romanus et supra grammaticam: I am a Roman king and above grammar

Pisanello's portrait of Sigismund of Luxemburg, now in Vienna, is placed behind a quote, possibly from the king himself.


Errare est humanum.: To err is human

Eraser shavings serve as a nice addendum to this quote.


Experientia docet: Experience teaches

A weathered column stands behind this line from Tacitus.


Explore Latin: Aves

Explore the world of birds within an ancient Roman context—entirely in Latin! Using fewer than one-hundred unique Latin words, this Explore Latin reader offers an immersive introduction to the significance of birds in Roman culture and religion. From crows and ravens to eagles and owls, see how these creatures were represented in Roman (and Greek) imagery. Copious color photographs support the Latin text, helping to make information readily comprehensible to novice learners.


Felicitas multos habet amicos: Prosperity has many friends

Hans Holbein's portrait of Erasmus, at the Louvre Museum, provides a background for this Erasmus quote.


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