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The Meaning of Helen: In Search of an Ancient Icon

Helen's face launched a thousand ships, to say nothing of countless books, dramas, poems, paintings, and operas. She is arguably the most notorious woman in Western culture. What makes her so engaging, so consequential? Like an ancient wall layered with millennia of graffiti, Helen preserves the human record. Her story and our story are not to be plied apart. She is woman as we have idealized, worshipped, slandered, celebrated, constructed and deconstructed her. Helen, for better or for worse, in all her metamorphoses, represents the complex, intact fossil record of woman in Western culture. The story of Helen is the story of woman.


The Original Dysfunctional Family: Basic Classical Mythology for the New Millennium

A very accessible introduction to classical mythology, The Original Dysfunctional Family: Basic Classical Mythology for the New Millennium presents the key stories of the twelve Olympians as well as those of the two gods associated with the fruits of the harvest, Demeter and Dionysus. The Greek version of each Olympian is presented first followed by the Roman adaptation. Chock-full of information, this book provides a sound foundation for the beginning student's further studies in culture, literature, and history. The general reader will find Williams' style engaging.


The Story of the Iliad
E. T. Owen discusses what makes the Iliad such an enduring work of art - including narrative technique, imagery, and characterization - and shows how each incident contributes to the overall emotional effect of the poem.

The Young Romans

Roman historians and authors recount the tales of many Roman youth who had influence—for better or for worse—upon their society and therefore upon subsequent history. Ascanius, Camilla, Cloelia, Alexander the boy Emperor, and many more are highlighted in 24 entertaining chapters.


The Young Romans Teacher's Edition

Teacher's Edition for Young Romans


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