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The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Myth Revisited

The longing stretch toward the infinite . . . the reluctant embrace of the temporal . . . this is the eternal lot of mankind; this is The Epic of Gilgamesh. Born in the cradle of civilization over 4,000 years ago, literature's first chronicle of man's search for meaning continues to intrigue us with its universal themes


The Epic of Gilgamesh: Second Edition

The longing stretch toward the infinite . . . the reluctant embrace of the temporal. This is the eternal lot of mankind. This is The Epic of Gilgamesh. Our revised 2nd edition of mankind's first epic features a lucid historical and cultural introduction by Dr. Robert D. Biggs, a new interpretive essay on the themes of Gilgamesh by Dr. James G. Keenan and their echoes in other literature, and the ancient world as well as original illustrations.


The Evolution of the Gilgamesh Epic

The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the world's oldest known epics—it predates Homer by several centuries and is recognized as seminal to the cultural history of the Ancient Near East. Interpretation and decipherment of the story of Gilgamesh—fragmentary and contradictory as its several variants are—has been a monumental scholarly task, spanning more than a century . . . until Jeffrey Tigay teased out the epic's evolution. In this volume, Tigay traces the development of the composition of The Gilgamesh Epic over nearly two millennia and through the several languages in which it has been transmitted. The result is a study both comprehensive in breadth and impressive in methodology. The author breaks from his scholarly predecessors in relying on documented textual evidence rather than on critical analysis and hypotheses.


The Hero and the Sea: Patterns of Chaos in Ancient Myth

Ancient myths about watery chaos uniquely transcend time and culture to speak to the universal human condition as expression to the hopes, aspirations and fears that have defined—for ancient thinkers as well as modern scientists—what it means to be human in a chaotic world.


The Lighter Side of the Dark Ages

The Early Middle Ages of Western Europe, from AD 400 to 1000, was a boiling cauldron which bubbled over and impacted every corner of the world. Organized both by chronology and by geography, this lively book, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, dives fearlessly into that confused and confusing period, tracing the history of each century, beginning in North Africa and then proceeding around the Mediterranean Sea to Spain, Britain, France,Germany and the Low Countries, ending in Italy.


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