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The Other Middle Ages

The Other Middle Ages introduces selections that cover all aspects and all walks of life, from bawdy songs to somber religious rituals and impudent parodies of the same, from short anecdotes and fables to excerpts from the bestiary tradition. Intermediate Latin students can expect to finish one or more of these enjoyable readings in one sitting, developing their reading skills and giving them a sense of accomplishment.



This Teacher’s Guide is designed to enrich the use of The Other Middle Ages. In addition to full translations, this book provides classroom activity ideas, suggestions for in-class review of classical Latin, and notes and vocabulary designed to help teachers guide students accustomed to classical Latin through reading medieval Latin.


The Plays of Hrotswitha of Gandersheim

Called by Renaissance humanist Conrad Celtes "the German Sappho," Hrotswtha (ca. 935-1000) was a prolific author who wrote eight legends in verse, two historical epics, and six plays in rhymed prose. A corrected reprint of the 1979 New York University Press edition, this book contains translations of Gallicanus, Dulcitius, Callimachus, Abraham, Paphnutius, and Sapientia.


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