I am Reading Latin Stories: Set of Four Books

Set of four new Latin books for children aged 4-8 by author and emerita Latin teacher Rose Williams:

  • Ursus et Porcus — Bear meets pig in this forest fable of how to get along.
  • Taurus Rex — The barnyard bully learns a valuable lesson on the value of friendship.
  • Rena Rhinocerus — A baby rhinoceros knows there's a bump on his nose: a story about growing up.
  • Octavus Octopus — Young Octavus discovers what's right about where he lives.

I have fought the good fight - Greek

This Valentin de Boulogne painting, Saint Paul Writing His Epistles, from Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, is paired with a line from St. Paul.


Introduction to Latin Prose Composition

A new approach to Latin prose composition, this book is concisely organized, giving easy and efficient reference. The ten chapters deal with conveying messages in simple sentences, connecting independent sentences to create a text, expressing relationships within a clause, use of word order, vocabulary, what vocabulary to choose, and subordination. Practical exercises guide students in reworking ancient texts and creating their own.


Ipsa scientia potestas est.: Knowledge itself is power

An open book lies behind this quote, possibly from Sir Francis Bacon.


Jesuit Latin Poets of the 17th and 18th Centuries: An Anthology of Neo-Latin Poetry

The original text and translations of 62 poems written by 19 authors are included in this book, offering a unique and illuminating look at neo-Latin poetry. Includes notes and vocabulary.