Teacher's Guide for Horace Satire 1.9 provides Latin text, translation, and discussion questions. The translation aims to be literal rather than literary.

Horace: Selected Odes and Satire 1.9: 2nd Edition Revised

Ronnie Ancona’s pedagogical expertise and scholarly work on Horace have produced a text that is both student- and teacher-friendly as well as informed by the latest in Horatian scholarship. Horace was a talented and innovative literary craftsman whose lyrics reveal an extraordinary facility and playfulness with the Latin language. Ancona’s edition helps students begin to appreciate the nuances of Horace’s poetic art. The revised second edition features an updated bibliography and more visually appealing maps.


Horace: Selected Odes and Satire 1.9: Teacher's Guide: 2nd Edition Revised

Horace Selected Odes 1.9 Teacher's Guide includes an enlarged version of the Latin text for reproduction, literal translations of the poems, discussion and sample test questions, and an annotated bibliography.


How Many Animals?: Quot Animalia?

Kids learn to count animals in Latin.
Experts recommend that children start a foreign language as early as possible. With this book, a child can start learning Latin at age four. Latin is an excellent foreign language to select. Just ask any lawyer, doctor, scientist, or nurse.


I am Reading Latin Series Books

The "I am Reading Latin" series functions as an excellent opportunity to introduce your children to the Latin language as young as 4 years old.