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A Comprehensive Guide to Wheelock's Latin: 2nd edition

This study guide is designed to accompany the seventh edition of the Wheelock's Latin textbook, but can also be used as a review of beginning Latin.


A Glossary of Terms in Grammar, Rhetoric, and Prosody for Readers of Greek and Latin: A Vade Mecum

This book is a glossary of terms in grammar, rhetoric, and prosody that students of Greek and Latin commonly encounter in their first three years of study. While English grammar is the focus the links with Greek and Latin grammar are explained and some Greek and Latin constructions that do not occur in English are defined.


A Handbook of Latin Literature: From the Earliest Times to the Death of St. Augustine

This edition provides complete analyses of all known major works of Latin literature, setting them in their historical context and alongside their contemporaries, rating their relative importance in their own time and in later periods, and exploring their influence on subsequent literatures and Western civilization.


A Horace Workbook

Latin Literature Workbook Series: These workbooks are a teacher’s dream—providing all the activities and exercises needed to reinforce the careful reading of classical authors in the original. Sets of exercises engage students with the text and lead them to a heightened understanding of the literary, thematic, poetic, and rhetorical accomplishments of the work.



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