Catullus: Love and Hate: Selected Short Poems

Seventeen works from Rome's greatest lyric poet are included in this distinctive and highly readable book. Along with extensive running vocabulary facing the Latin text, the book features selections from famous English poems inspired by Catullus and comments from noted scholars on the genius of the poet.


Cicero : A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader: Teacher's Guide

All directions, questions, and exercises are reprinted from the student text and then followed by the answers in the Teacher's Guide.


Cicero and Horace Vocabulary Frequency Lists for AP * Selections

Horace and Cicero Frequency Lists for AP* Selections consists of four lists of the most frequent words met in the required lines of the Horace and Cicero AP* Latin Literature curriculum. The Latin words for each author are listed in two different ways. The first is a list with words divided into frequency of occurrence (15+ times, 9–14 times, 5–8 times), designed for review of the most frequent vocabulary words found in Horace and Cicero. The second is a list to be used as a glossary.


Cicero Pro Archia Poeta Oratio: A structural Analysis of the Speech and Companion to the Commentary

Cicero Pro Archia Poeta Oratio, Companion: Much more than a teacher's edition, this companion is a complete guide to in-depth analysis of the speech and is intended for use by student and teacher alike. Its reader-friendly format gives even the neophyte an understanding of the intricacies of Ciceronian periodic style.


Cicero: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader

The Cicero: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader contains 103 lines from Cicero's Pro Archia. Innovative text combines special visual features—including line alignments based on meaning with the "pass through" method—to unpack Cicero's complex prose. Copious notes and reader aids along with facing vocabulary make this text an excellent introduction to Cicero and smoothes the way for upper level Latin reading. Resources include an introduction to Cicero, bibliography, grammatical appendix, figures of speech appendix, and a pullout vocabulary.