Caesar: Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico - Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide

  • Introduction
  • Literal translations
  • Questions for discussion and analysis
  • AP Connections'questions keyed to Latin passages in De Bello Gallico that link Caesar and Vergil
  • Select bibliography
  • Clean (macron-free) Latin text for classroom projection


Caesar's War in Alexandria
Caesar's campaign in Egypt, from the autumn of 48 BC to March of 47 BC, was a self-contained episode in the career of Rome's greatest general. This description of the events at Alexandria forms a continuous narrative that represents Latin at its clearest, devoid of the artificiality that often makes Latin historical writing so difficult for those who are not experts. Along with a simplicity of language and a narrative that is focused and interesting, the book includes an informative introduction covering Caesar's career, the war in Alexandria, and the style of Caesar and Hirtius, who is believed to have completed Caesar's writing on the subject. Insightful commentary and extensive vocabulary also are included in the volume.

Carmina Burana Cantiones Profanae

Carl Orff's 24 selections from the 200 beloved medieval poems of the Carmina Burana celebrate the universal range of human emotion and experience: passion, longing, exuberance, humor, rebellion, ennui, and resignation. Now tender, now tragic; secular, yet reverent; the poems of the Carmina touch the chords of our purest and darkest spirituality. An excellent resource for the student, the performer, the audience, and the general reader.


Catullus : Expanded Edition: Teacher's Guide
Catullus: Expanded Edition, merges the Latin poems from both earlier versions into one volume and containing all the poems on the current AP* Catullus syllabus.

Catullus Vocabulary Cards for AP* Selections

190 vocabulary cards from AP selections from Catullus, bound in book form and printed on perforated cardstock, arranged in three sections by frequency of occurrence: words occurring 15 times or more; words occurring 9–14 times, and words occurring 5–8 times. An easy-assembly box, grammatical supplement (Graphic Latin Grammar cards, not laminated), appendices on meter and rhetorical devices (both from Ronnie Ancona's Writing Passion), and full vocabulary list are also included.