Readings and Performance: Robert Sonkowsky
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ISBN: 8-29218-00007-3
Publisher: Bolchazy-Carducci
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Latin Aloud presents 101 Latin Masterworks on CD. With a run-time of over five hours, these dramatic interpretations by a master of the Restored Classical Pronunciation, Dr. Robert P. Sonkowsky, play on any computer and most contemporary CD and DVD players.


These 101 recordings contain:
Vergil AP* Selections — Aeneid, Georgics, Eclogues
Catullus AP* Selections — 34 Poems, Including Catullus 64
Ovid AP* Selections — Amores, Metamorphoses
Cicero AP* Selections — de Amicitia and Pro Archia (entire)
Horace AP* Selections — 17 Odes, Satire 1.9


Special Features

  • Tracks broken into individual poems, odes, and digestible portions of longer works.
  • Accompanies any of Bolchazy-Carducci’s Latin author readers and workbooks.


Latin Aloud list of audio recordings on the CD.

Sample Audio Files
Aeneid 2_40-56

Cicero Pro Archia 144-183_Confimatio


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by Alicia
on 2/13/2014
from Woodinville
Your students can learn from a master!
Dr. Sonkowsky brings these passages to life in a way that will enthrall and inspire students.  His performance is masterful.  What better way to give your students a perfect model of pronunciation, rhythm, and elision?  Students love to imitate his deep, resonant voice.  The 101 tracks are clearly marked and easily accessible through a clear menu.  Indispensable to anyone who teaches poetry (my students don't take even the AP, but we find the selections here a perfect complement to a poetry survey course).
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Review by: Greg Leach - January 14, 2008
I received Latin Aloud today and the sound is magnificent. As a person who is enamored with diction and phonetics, I stand amazed at Professor Sonkowski's ability to emote and deliver with conviction and authority the beauty of this so called dead language. Greg Leach
Recordings of Roman poetry and prose ready for your mp3 player
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