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A Byzantine Novel: Drosilla and Charikles, by Niketas Eugenianos

Niketas Eugenianos's Drosilla and Charikles is one of four existing Byzantine (12th-century) Greek novels. These novels represent the rebirth of the ancient novel after a hiatus of eight centuries in the deeply Christian world of Constantinople. Written under the Komnenian dynasty and during the time of the crusades these novels revived the pagan Greek world with its pagan gods and beliefs, and also reflected the customs and beliefs of their own time.


A Greek Reader for Schools

Reprinted by arrangement with Oxford University Press, this reader is a perfect vehicle for students transitioning from a grammar text to reading adapted Greek. The selections are chosen for their accessibility and facility to encourage a quick reading. Excerpts from Aesop to Plato strengthen reading and translations skills while introducing the intermediate student to key works from the classical Greek canon.


Homer: A Transitional Reader

This reader eases students into reading continuous, original Homeric Greek. Fifteen passages from the Iliad are included with pre-reading materials, grammatical and comprehension exercises, vocabulary and grammar notes, and more.



Luciani Vera Historia

A reprint of the second edition of a Victorian English-annotated edition of Vera Historia, this is the only English-language commentary on that work in print. The notes are a helpful aid in explicating the language and Lucian's references. Includes an introduction and illustrations.


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