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An Introduction to Wall Inscriptions from Pompeii and Herculaneum

This edition is a representative selection of the various types of inscriptions, from political manifestos to gladiatorial announcements, found in the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. These inscriptions, painted and incised on the walls of public and private buildings, document aspects of daily life in the first century CE. Inscriptions, particularly graffiti, were often written by less educated members of society, and as such provide a rare glimpse of common Latin.


An Ovid Workbook

Latin Literature Workbook Series: These workbooks are a teacher’s dream—providing all the activities and exercises needed to reinforce the careful reading of classical authors in the original. Sets of exercises engage students with the text and lead them to a heightened understanding of the literary, thematic, poetic, and rhetorical accomplishments of the work.


An Ovid Workbook: Teacher's Manual

Two master classroom teachers have carefully constructed An Ovid Workbook Teacher’s Manual to assist teachers as they build students’ confidence in comprehending Ovid’s poetry and in preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. A complement to An Ovid Workbook, this all-in-one teacher’s manual contains the complete student workbook, including the Latin text, and provides answers following each question. The manual is a valued resource for every teacher of Ovid, from novice to master.


Apuleius: The Metamorphoses, Book 1

An annotated edition of Book 1 of Apuleius' novel Metamorphoses, this text is suitable for a student's first unadapted author, or in combination with other readings at the intermediate level. Book 1 exhibits the spontaneity and ebullience of Apuleius' Latin as well as his ability to engage the reader with a lively story. It is the perfect text to put variety into the Latin curriculum.


Asconius Commentaries on Five Speeches of Cicero

Students and scholars of Latin, history, and literature will find this to be an outstanding book that offers insights into the lives of Cicero and Asconius, as well as a fascinating look at Rome in the first century BCE. Commentaries by Asconius are included with the text and translation of these speeches by Cicero: In Pisonem, Pro Scauro, Pro Milone, Pro Cornelio, and In Toga Candida.


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