A Horace Workbook : Teacher's Manual


To teach Horace’s intricate, multifaceted poetry is a challenging but rewarding task. A Horace Workbook Teacher’s Manual, has been designed and written by teachers to aid teachers in this endeavor. No mere answer key, this all-in-one teacher’s manual includes the complete student workbook and provides answers directly following each question. The manual is an excellent resource for every teacher from novice to master.

  • Lessons focus on thematically significant selections from Horace’s Odes and Satire I.9
  • Essay-grading rubrics based on the Advanced Placement model
  • Comprehensive, customized grading guidelines for each essay
  • Two appendices with sample student essays and scoring guidelines
  • Rubrics for scoring translation exercises via the chunking method
  • Complete answers to exercises that provide a supply of the types of questions commonly found on the Advanced Placement* Examinations such as:
  • Multiple choice questions ? Essays ? Short analysis questions on matters of literary interpretation, historical allusions, and figurative language ? Translation ? Scansion Three review tests modeled on the exercises provided for each poem
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Reinforce Horace's grammar, meter, rhetorical devices and much more in this workbook.