More Latin Readings: An Intermediate Rapid Reader Teacher's Manual
Teacher's Manual to More Latin Readings

Ovid : A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader: Teacher's Guide

All directions, questions, and exercises are reprinted from the student text and then followed by the answers in the Teacher's Guide.


Ovid : Amores, Metamorphoses Selections, Teacher's Guide, 3rd edition

This Teacher's Guide is invaluable in aiding the busy teacher to prepare for class, lead discussions, guide analysis, and create quizzes.


Ovid Metamorphoses Book I

This intermediate reader offers the complete, unadapted Latin text of Metamorphoses, Book I, with notes that are both informative and entertaining, focusing on fine points of grammar and rhetoric, shades of meaning, and allusions to both classical and modern literature.


Ovid with Love: Selections from Ars Amatoria I and II
This book contains 770 lines from Ars Amatoria, Books I and II, a full introduction on Ovid's life, 148 pages of vocabulary, and commentary that offers insights on Ovid's stylistic choices. The notes provide a wealth of information on Roman customs, mythology, history, and literary tradition.