Erasmus and His Times
These letters to and from Erasmus introduce students to a lively form of Latin and an exciting period of history. The book includes biographical material, notes, and vocabulary.

Excelability in Advanced Latin: A Workbook for Students

This workbook for third and fourth year high school Latin students is designed to assist students in reading Latin. A broad selection of Latin authors and texts, only four of which are unadapted, provide practice in reading Latin for comprehension. In addition, the first ten chapters systematically review all of Latin grammar. Two chapters present rhetorical devices, scansion and meter, along with passages for reading comprehension. The passages are taken from a wide variety of genres and texts and offer practice for students preparing to take the SAT II, the National Latin Exam, and the Advanced Placement Latin Literature tests. Every chapter contains exercises for practice and the grammatical and syntactical explanations are keyed to an appendix which contains the forms of Latin words.


Excelability In Advanced Latin: Teacher's Guide and Answer Key

The Teacher's Manual for Excelability in Advanced Latin contains the answers to all the exercises in the student text and translations of all the Latin passages in the student text. Large size print versions of each passage are included and are reproducible by the teacher.


Horace Fully Parsed: Word by Word: Books I and II of Horace Odes
The Latin text of Books I and II of Horace's Odes is included along with notes for each word that give complete grammatical, syntactical, mythological, geographical, historical, and vocabulary information.

Horace: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader

This reader contains 203 lines of Latin selections from Horace (Satire 1.4, 103–126; 1.6, 70–92; Odes 1.5; 1.23; 1.11; 3.9; 2.10; 1.37; 1.9; 3.30). It is designed for students moving from elementary or intermediate Latin into reading the authentic Latin of Horace. Introductory materials include an overview of the life and work of Horace, bibliography, and description of Horatian meters.