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Reading the Gospel of St. John in Greek: A Beginning

The Gospel of John—Made Accessible to All
With Introduction, Notes, Vocabulary, and Grammatical Appendix


Reading the Gospel of St. Matthew in Greek: A Beginning

Reading the Gospel of St. Matthew in Greek: A Beginning empowers students at all levels to read and appreciate the Gospel of St. Matthew and biblical Greek as a whole. The combination of text, vocabulary, and grammatical notes on one page enhances the reading experience for both practiced and beginning readers of Greek. Readers with training in classical, Homeric, or biblical Greek will find that the format enables rapid reading, comprehension, and retention. Readers with little to no Greek language training will be able to work directly with text from the New Testament, in conjunction with the introduction and appendix, in order to develop proficiency with biblical grammar, vocabulary, and idiom.


Theocritus: Select Poems
This selection of the poems of Theocritus clearly illustrates his creative genius and rare powers of observation. Dover's introduction and extensive notes offer revealing insights into both the writing and the life and times of the poet.

They Said It First The Wisdom of the Ancient Greeks and Romans

They Said It First provides a unique twist on quotation collections: ancient Greek and Roman sayings, alongside English translations, are paired with their more modern counterparts. The likes of W. E. B. Dubois and Mark Twain may have eloquently expressed eternal truths and pithy witticisms—but frequently, Homer or Seneca the Younger got there first.


Traditional Themes and Homeric Hymns

The Homeric Hymns have long stood in the immense shadow of Homer and Hesiod. Yet they are delightful in their own right and our source for several of the most intriguing Greek myths.


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