Civis Romanus: A Reader for the First Two Years of Latin


Civis Romanus is a graded Latin reader for beginning Latin students. The memorable stories that grew from the civilization of ancient Rome are the basis of the Latin passages in this unique reader. New grammar is assumed in odd-numbered passages only and thus the teacher who wishes to proceed more quickly through the text may skip the even-numbered readings. In Civis Romanus students read about actual people and events while honing their Latin grammatical and syntactical skills and increasing their Latin vocabulary. Students who finish this reader in beginning Latin (Latin 1 and 2 at the high school level) will have acquired a minimum vocabulary of 1,000 words.

Special Features

  • a new introduction by Marianthe Colakis
  • 60 passages of graded Latin readings of graduated length (from 120 to 300 words) on
    • Roman legends: Romulus and Remus, Camilla, Scaevola, Manlius, and more
    • People in Roman government: Cincinnatus, Appius Claudius, the Gracchi, and more
    • Roman daily life: Horace, Cato, Cicero's son
    • Historical figures: Caesar, Augustus, Agricola, and more
    • Famous events: the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, the conquest of Britain, and more

  • a special Latin-to-English vocabulary list for each reading
  • a general Latin-to-English glossary
  • a list of grammar assumed for each reading


Pages 48 and 49 are missing from the 2012 printing of Civis Romanus, the missing pages are available as a PDF. Download the pages here.

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