Translator: Judith Lynn Sebesta
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ISBN: 978-0-86516-268-6
Pages: 165
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Carl Orff's 24 selections from the 200 beloved medieval poems of the Carmina Burana celebrate the universal range of human emotion and experience: passion, longing, exuberance, humor, rebellion, ennui, and resignation. Now tender, now tragic; secular, yet reverent; the poems of the Carmina touch the chords of our purest and darkest spirituality. An excellent resource for the student, the performer, the audience, and the general reader.

Special Features

  • Dual-language edition with original Latin poems and facing English translation
  • 18 medieval woodcut prints and 17 original illustrations
  • Facing vocabulary
  • Glossary
  • Essays on medieval poetry and Latin, the selections, and Carl Orff
  • Text suitable for use as a libretto
  • Additional literary translation by Jeffrey M. Duban


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Review by: Vance George, San Francisco Symphony Chorus - September 28, 2005
A must for anyone interested in performing Carmina Burana. An engaging book for both singers and conductors. Literal and poetic translations and plenty period illustrations fascinate and entertain the reader
Review by: Edward George - September 28, 2005
My general reaction is one of enthusiasm that this text (Carmina Burana), so ripe for intermediate level use, has received such careful attention (by Sebesta). The introductory material deals with the questions one would expect such materials to address and does it with sensitivity both to the poetry and to the needs of the prospective student audience. I would welcome an opportunity to use this in an intermediate level course at my own university.
Review by: Lisa Altevogt - September 28, 2005
I am writing with compliments for the Judith Lynn Sebesta Carmina Burana text…This book was an invaluable resource to me while student teaching during this past term. My pupils were third-year Latin students at a public high school. During the unit, I would play a recording of the specific carmen following our reading of the Latin.
Review by: Gregory Boals, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra - September 28, 2005
We use it whenever we perform it.
Review: JACT - September 28, 2005
We should welcome [Sebesta’s] book which will contribute much to the pupil’s appreciation of Orff and the Carmina Burana...this would be an excellent investment for the school library...
Review by: Peter Reid, NEC Newsletter - September 28, 2005
A delightful and educational supplement for your daily Latin fare...Sebesta’s commentary keeps the music constantly in mind...
Review by: Alta Schoeman, Scholia Reviews - July 26, 2001
Eminently suitable for teaching pupils and students this extremely thorough and useful book can be used with equal advantage by singers and conductors alike. […] A number of delightful illustrations, both old (woodcuts) and modern, complement the text while a comprehensive bibliography and list of available recordings provide stimulation for those wishing to gain more information.

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