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The Phaedra of Seneca

Complete with abundant notes and vocabulary aids, this text makes Seneca's masterpiece of Roman tragic poetry an accessible Latin read for advanced high school and college students at the intermediate level. Forty pages of analysis questions and comments and an updated English translation of Euripides' Hippolytus for comparison provide instructors and students a full course unit.


The Red Flare: Cicero's On Old Age
On Old Age is a gentle text. It has the capacity to soothe us when we read it as much as it must have soothed Cicero to write it. It pleases because of its great good sense and lack of sentimentality; because it deals so straightforwardly with a complicated topic that none of us can avoid; and in the end because it gives an answer which will satisfy most of its readers to the famous question "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" (I Corinthians xv.55).

For anyone interested in Roman history or ancient philosophy, or reading the classics in translation.


The Thebaid of Statius: The Women of Lemnos

The Thebaid of Statius: The Women of Lemnos presents the story of Hypsipyle and the women of Lemnos in a student-friendly reader designed to facilitate the reading, comprehension, and enjoyment of this high-interest tale. Discussion Questions encourage careful reading of and thoughtful reflection on the text, while Connections to the Aeneid questions prompt students who are familiar with Vergil's epic to explore the relationship of the Thebaid to its literary predecessor. This text provides the unadapted Latin text of the Thebaid Book 5.1–637.



This Teacher’s Guide is invaluable in aiding the busy teacher to prepare for class, lead discussions, guide analysis, and create quizzes.



Teacher's Guide for Vergil's Aeneid 10 & 12 provides Latin text, translation, and discussion questions.


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