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Vulgate of Mark with the Synoptic Parallels, The

The Vulgate of Mark with the Synoptic Parallels empowers intermediate Latin students to read an engaging narrative in accessible prose. Parallel passages from Matthew and Luke, along with historical and grammatical notes, introduce students to a historical-textual approach to reading and interpreting these texts.


Writing Passion Plus: A Catullus Reader Supplement - Poems 6, 16, 32 and 57

Writing Passion Plus: A Catullus Reader Supplement, Catullus Uncensored.

Is Catullus still Catullus without the sex? Without the often sudden and surprising vulgarity? For the mature classroom add this supplement containing four sexually explicit poems and teach the full spectrum of Catullus’ expression.



This Teacher’s Guide is invaluable in aiding the busy teacher to prepare for class, lead discussions, guide analysis, and create quizzes.


Writing Passion: A Catullus Reader, Second Edition

This bestseller now features four additional poems (75, 83, 92, and 107), and an updated bibliography. These additional poems all expand the elegiac selections about Lesbia. For those who want a little more spice in their Catullus and love the style of this book, a supplement Writing Passion: A Supplement containing poems 6, 16, 32, and 57 will be available.


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