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Jesuit Latin Poets of the 17th and 18th Centuries: An Anthology of Neo-Latin Poetry

The original text and translations of 62 poems written by 19 authors are included in this book, offering a unique and illuminating look at neo-Latin poetry. Includes notes and vocabulary.


Julio-Claudian Building Programs: A Quantitative Study in Political Management

With a totally original and creative approach this work provides persuasive and defensible alternative evaluations of the separate Julio-Claudian emperors, sometimes to support and sometimes to denigrate the highly political and possibly biased reporting by the standard literary sources. Using a quantification and an evaluation of their social goals the book melds together the needs of the city, the personality of the emperors and their ability to choose loyal subordinates as bases for judgments. From this melding the book furnishes valuable new understanding of the political and economic forces which shaped the Early Empire. In the process the labor supply of the city becomes the important measure of the depth of commitment and the focal quantification is expressed in construction manpower terms.


Julius Caesar: Master of Surprise

This engaging read presents a student-friendly overview of the life and accomplishments of Julius Caesar with special emphasis on his family background and early life. The biography is based not only on the traditional sources-Suetonius and Plutarch-but also on the private correspondence and observation of Caesar's contemporaries-both his friends and his enemies. Based on these sources, the book demonstrates that Caesar was a very determined individual who developed and largely managed to execute a series of original responses to the unique situations of his times. Julius Caesar: Master of Surprise is a must-have title for all high school Latin programs.


Latin Picture Dictionary for Everyone Teacher's Guide

This text provides busy teachers with resources to facilitate the incorporation of active Latin in their classrooms.


Latina Mythica II Troia Capta

Take a trip into the myths and battles of the Trojan War. Dress in drag or pretend madness to avoid the fight; join the aristeia of Diomedes; follow Odysseus as he steals the Palladium; and more. This book offers students the opportunity to enjoy not only the story of the Iliad but the myths before and after in the Trojan Cycle— all in Latin epic style. Latina Mythica II: Troia Capta has twenty chapters. The first two chapters cover mythical material that occurs well before the action of the Iliad. Then, after including much of the action of the Iliad itself, the book concludes with two chapters telling the stories beyond the epic to give a more complete sense of the myth of Troy. It is designed for students who have completed the study of Latin grammar, usually one year of college or two to three years of high school. Facing-page grammatical/vocabulary notes boost reading speed and reader confidence.


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