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Classical Mythology & More: A Reader Workbook

Using Greek and Roman primary sources, this workbook for the twenty-first century offers middle- and high-school aged students in Classics, English and Language Arts classes a fresh retelling of timeless tales from Hesiod, Homer, Ovid and other authors. A wide variety of exercises, reflections, and vocabulary enrichment tasks accompany each myth. Students preparing for the ACL Medusa Myth Exam and the ACL National Mythology Exam will find in this an indispensable tool. Creation myths, stories of the Olympians and Titans, legends of the Trojan War cycle, love stories and tales of transformation are all included here. A teacher resource section provides historical, archaeological, artistic and psychological background, ideas for further research and exploration, as well as hands-on class activities.


Classical Myth & More Workbook-TG

Teacher's Guide: This Guide provides background information and suggestions for further research to stimulate student involvement with the text, along with teacher aids to aid assessment of student progress: Chapter Answer Keys and Chapter Tests with their own Answer Keys.


Comedy in the Pro Caelio

Reprint of the 1973 E. J. Brill edition, with an appendix on the In Clodium et Curionem


Give your children a firm foundation in English vocabulary which will stay with them all their lives! With this program, you teach the Latin and Greek root words which are so vital to the mastery of English - and you can do it whether you studied Latin or not! For these reasons and more, you should consider purchasing English from the Roots Up.

English from the Roots Up Volume II continues the program begun in Volume I. It gives you 100 NEW GREEK and LATIN ROOT WORDS which you can teach to students from elementary school through high school. you don't need to have a background in Latin and Greek to teach these words. Get the book today and start teaching tomorrow.

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